Xplore Paris 2013

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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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French Touch



« hEros- heroic compsition and flamboyant erotism » photography by Mélanie Le Grand

is a rising, a power within, an hymn to the flamboyant erotism through sublimated bodies. It’s the joyfull look of an artist (who fell) in love with life.

Mélanie Le Grand - - is a performce and visual artist, writer, associated with Erosticratie and member of Xplore Berlin and Paris.


« Définitives Créatures » Projection/instalation by David Noir :

These micro-movies are not extra-short-films but micro-shows . Each has a very specific title based on pun which is the heart of each scene. Some kind of Wonderland’s grammar where illumintation starts to move. As a whole , if you watch them all, they form a single movie, a strange storyless fiction...



A very tasty selection will be viewable during the whole festival. This treasures will be avaliable on DVD at the Micro-shop/stall


The Micro-shop/ Stall

Erosticratie settle a micro-shop within the festival , a tiny shop where you can find creator’s work, vintage, books, DVDs, jewelry, toys, ropes and many other things. We’ve brought you rare items created by talented artists.

Our Partners : Akterat Cor, Milena Altini, Alina, Laurence Cormier, Hors circuit, les éditions tabous



We will have a bar where you will be able to buy drinks and snacks but no actual meals or sandwich, so feel free to bring yours.