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French Touch


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on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Saskia & Konstantin


Their Workshop:

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Saskia Mieszkalski
…muse, lover, free love activist, course leader, dreamer, realist, performer, explorer, scientist, orgy researcher, community founder, mother…

“We are all born originals – why is it so many of us die copies?” (Edward Young)

Socialization is a natural process of our life – it happens in human beings as well as in animals. Human beings are a conditioned product of their environment. Why does this imprinting so often have to do with much repression of our native essence and creates guilt, shame, fear and pain?
This question has been occupying Saskia’s thinking for years. To overcome conditioning and come back to the core of our true nature is the motivation of her work.
For 10 years Saskia has lived and worked as management consultant in Berlin; in this context she focuses primarily on process shaping and the interaction between employees.
This focus on human interaction began to develop early on in her life, as a curiosity and interest in nutrition, social psychology and alternative forms of cohabitation.
By going through various different relationship experiences she keeps refining her views and desires for a life in and a belonging to a community built on values and ideas that go beyond traditional definitions usually comprised of gender, age, sexual bias or social role.

Part of her work is to create experimental spaces in which the participants can find themselves and are able to meet and discover each other in a state of openness.

For the past 3 years she has created various workshops about conditioning related to our sexuality and relationships. She also runs play parties in the Factory Berlin.  
With her personal mantra “consciousness, dedication & joy” she is looking for ways to overcome conditioning and finding the way back to the core of our authentic selves, creating erotic group experience spaces for exploration.

Konstantin Stavridis
…natural scientist, chaos theoretician, of greek origin, philosopher, community founder, free love activist, action artist, orgy researcher, networker, lover…

The last 20 years his work has been inspired by various experiences in communities like ZEGG or his own foundation of den Noyana Community, as well as his ever-changing live travelling between India, Greece and Germany

He has conducted intensive analysis of performance art, group dynamics and material actions followed by many years of experience as leader of sensual erotic happenings. Between 1996 and 2002 he created various art performances in the spirit of the Viennese Actionism, translated into our times.

In 2007 he established the Foundation Of Free Love Culture and Event Project “Botschaft” (Embassy), in a former embassy building in east Berlin, where his family was living, housing many events including oil actions, tantra courses, erotic parties, ashrams & concerts.

Founder of the Art-of-Love-Network Berlin, which exists to support meeting and exchange possibilities in Berlin, for people with the free love spirit and friends of ZEGG-Culture.

He sees the most exciting aspect of his work in the experimental and intuitive creation of fearless and open spaces, which allow us to free our “erotic selves”.
For Konstantin it is cultural and healing work in one.

3 years ago he met Saskia at Schwelle7 Berlin and two very complex energies came together as a little volcano. There was so much synergy that they decided to bundle those potentials and created several workshops and events together like their experimental orgy workshop, different material actions, erotic parties and the Bonobo Garden.


Actually Saskia and Konstantin are founding a new community in Berlin, inspired by Charles Fourier: Orgies - as group forming tool and communication tool - will be a main element of common community living. At the moment they live and work in their own location “Factory” in Berlin.




Oil ActionSaskia-WS

Allow your body, mind and soul the experience of a “friction free” new world through dissolving in warm oil.
The “oil action” is a very strong sensual-emotional setting. It has a long history in the commune art scene. On a plastic foil the participants get a light shower of warm oil and go together on a naked, intense, super-sensual shared inner journey, accompanied by music, text and tales. 
A very strong, deeply impressing and touching event, and one of Konstantin’s and Saskia’s favourites.
Konstantin has done this over the last 20 years many times.










Photo: © Mélanie Le Grand