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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Silvie & Pierre


Their Workshop:

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Silvie Mexico ( defines herself as a CyberSeXploratrice, a PolyAmorous activist and an Orgasm researcher. She invests herself in these domains, especially in the performative practice within virtual universes, but also IRL (In Real Life), where she questions the themes of sexuality in art, the art of sexuality and sexuality as a medium and an organ of artistic perception.

Pierre Clisson (, whose primary activity is information security, has been investigating non-ordinary states of consciousness for many years. His work combines traditional practices (yoga, meditation) and technology (bio-feedback, automated trances).

Silvie et Pierre come together as BDSM practitioners and explorers. They also participate in common artistic projects, such as the ones conducted with the digital creation group Cyberesthésie (



Collective Orgasm Sessions

The name of the game: to live, experiment, express, and share the powerful energy released by a synchronized, collective orgasm.

In a hushed and intimate atmosphere, you will be invited to touch yourself, with or without a partner, and to match the rise of your pleasure with that of the other participants. With the help of isochronic rhythms and a special sound arrangement, hypnotic suggestions, breathing and groaning, you will be taken firstly to an enjoyable relaxed state of mind, and then guided towards an explosive synchronized climax.

More than a workshop, this is a collective performance in which you are both the instrument and the musician of a playful and sensual work: a real orgasmic concert.

A few clarifications:

    • We are not speaking here about a metaphorical orgasm. It is real and sexual.
    • You can join alone or with one or several partners. Caresses may be personal and/or shared in mutual respect and security.
    • In order not to alter the acoustics of this experience, vibrators or any noisy device will not be authorized.
    • Drapes and subdued lighting will create a warm and erotic atmosphere. Should you wish to, you will be able to isolate yourself behind the drapes so that only your shadow will be visible.
    • Photographs and recordings are banned!