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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Jeanne Mf de B & Senzo M


Their Workshop:

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Jeanne Mvf de B studies french literature in Le Havre. She is a sex geek in her spare time and she is currently working on a BDSM short feature film that will show the inner journey of a young virgin.


Senzo M  as "the good Doctor X", is an experimentalist who works on the erotic mechanisms and the playful systems of our desires. As a "positive pervert", he enjoys sharing his passions of sex and erostism, fed by games and dramas, by uncertainties and risks, by paradox and humor. In order to benefit this, his methods and tools are inspired by magic rites, mental manipulation, optical illusions, hypnosis or even modified states of consciousness.

He joined Erosticratie & works as co-organiser of this first Xplore in Paris because he believes that collaboration and collective challenges contribute to empowerment. That's why he is part of those who .





Jeanne would like to extend her reflection about virginity by initiating a discussion with the participants. Defining virginity seems impossible since it refers so much to the intimate experience of each person. Eventually it refers more to the spirit of the word than its letter. Virginity confronts us with our psychic bodies first. What does being a virgin or not being a virgin mean? Virgin of who, of what ? Virgin for who, for what?...