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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Jean Christoph


His Workshop:

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Jean Christoph Petit  ( Marseille, France ) is " Polymorphic Comedian Performer " with multidisciplinary skills.
I develop my own forms, a mixture of theatricality-act and body in action. My work investigates links (maternal, filial, emotional, political, art-tivistic) to the public guest or the passer-by.
My artistic approach(initiative) is made by proposal and by "pycho-magic" action(share) interactive with a public spectator-actor.
For Xplore Paris Jean-Christophe Petit convenes the public by the introduction of an anthropological text.




Banana Party - Performance

The Banana Party is a sociological-artistic approach (initiative). 
The body is not only anatomy, skeletons and ligaments or the simple result of the culture. The body is also and especially a demonstration(appearance) of temporal and spatial life.

Revisiting the "réthorique", questioning the place of the man in his time, his period, his environment, roles and influences are better revealed. 


Banana Party is an interactive Performance with the public.




How to Make Friends - Performancejean-PF2-1

How to make friends? is a performance show around a burlesque communication lesson where the public is asked to undress the two performers.


Jean Christophe Petit (performer and actor) and Audrey Vecco (actress, performer and musician) met a few years ago during a performance festival. Since they met, they have been collaborating on experimental theatre and urban performance projects involving improvisation and active public participation.


jean-PF2-2Audrey Vecco is a performer actress who use theatre to create performances around subversiv subjects. She works with food, sex and human nature using the body as a way to express herself.
















Photos: © Sylvie Frémiot and Peter Gribosky