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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Marika Rizzi


Her Workshop:

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Marika Rizzi is Italian and has been based in Paris since 1992, working with choreographers in the field of contemporary dance.

In 1995 she joined the Felix Ruckert company in Berlin, participating in many pieces and touring with the company. In 2007/08 she joined Odile Duboc's French company (Choreographic National Centre of Framche Comté – Belfort) touring “Rien Ne Laisse Présager De L'Etat De L'Eau”.

Training in Shiatsu (Energetic Japanese Technique) during 2002, she began to integrate the energetic principles of Chinese Traditional Medicine in her approach to movement and dance. During the last ten years her focus moved towards a deeper exploration of the body and perceptions through improvisation, composition research and Contact Improvisation. In this journey she met Kirstie Simson and followed her teaching. In 2007 she participated in Steve Paxtonʼs “Material for the Spine” dvd. She also worked with Nancy Starck Smith, Lisa Nelson, Simone Forti, Andrew Morrish, Julyen Hamilton, Mike Vargas & Vera Orlock (BMC).

In 2012 she participated in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project with Deborah Hay and is currently adapting the solo “Dynamic” for presentation in Spring 2013 in France.

Since 2005 sheʼs been making work and teaching regularly in Paris and throughout Europe.




The touch is a form of communication extremely sophisticated.
From the very light and delicate to a deeper and more direct one, the contact with someone stimulates the body and its ability to receive and to feel himself, or herself.


On a non-verbal exchange we will discover different ways of being together through the touch. Listen and acting following our perceptions in a dialogue that gives priority to shared state of presence.