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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Claudio Ioanna


His Workshop:

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Claudio Ioanna is a dancer and choreographer based in Europe (Italy, England, France, Sweden).

He holds the French state diploma for contemporary dance and teaching.

He teaches internationally at IALS, Roma, the CND (Centre National de la Danse), Paris, The Menagerie de Verre, Paris, AID, Paris, Danse à Lille, Egypt, Jordan, Mali…

During his career as a dancer he developed his interest in Yoga and integrates it into his approach to teaching dance.

Qualifying to teach Ashtanga/Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga in 2011, he launched a naked yoga class in Paris, combining the ethics and values of naturism with the values of yoga philosophy.



Naked Yoga

Ashtanga / Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and energetic practice: Tonic sequences of postures and flowing rhythm of the respiration.

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Photo: © Mélanie Le Grand