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French Touch


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on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Nicolas Yoroï


His Workshops:

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Nicolas Yoroï is a professional rigger developping an intimist and humanist practice, emphasising connection, emotional exchange and the uniqueness of the relationship between the rigger and the tied.

He discovered Aikido in 1997, his first meeting with Japanese cultureand the catalyst for his interest in Kinbaku, beginning in 2000.

During his first journey to Japan (2003) he took part in a Saïku Aïkido Seminar (with Endo Sensei) and began an immersion into traditional Japanese society.

The following year, back in Japan, he explored with an intimate mate the many angles of Kinbaku, in its cultural and social aspects (in addition to carnal and aesthetic views).

In France between 2006-2008, he continued his self directed learning, returning to Tokyo in 2008, beginning to explore fetish and BDSM, meeting and developing his Kinbaku practice with Arisue Go.

In 2010 he returned to Paris and met Mélanie Le Grand, leading him in to artisic explorations.

Three months spent developing his knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy in a massage school in Thailand in 2011, opening up new possibilities for motion and compression in his Kinbaku.

Since 2011 he sometimes performs, teaches regularly and runs workshops.



Bondage and Sex, classicisms and eccentricities

Yoroi-WS-3Deprivation of free movement is in most cultures a powerful aphrodisiac : as for the one tied or the one being tied. 

This workshop is an opportunity to explore the erotic possibilities offered by rope in physical relationship.

From simple techniques, rope work will lead to positions, erotic games, new sensual feelings and flesh possibilities.












Photo:  © Laurent Benaim



Kinbaku - the traditional Japanese Bondage


Kinbaku is the art of exposing a person (body and soul) with rope. In this art, the exposure process is both physical and emotional

The result is also both inner (for the model as for the rigger) and visible (body, ropes and movement).
It is to play and deal with concepts, desires and antagonistic emotions; firmness (sometimes in the violence of the act) and comfort; intense shame welling up from the pleasure of being tied (a very Japanese feeling); to be directive as a rigger and at the same time extremely attentive to the model.

Through the conventional techniques of Kinbaku, I like to lead you inside itʼs contradictions; contradictions that can lead to some amazing emotional journies.


Photo:  © Patrick Siboni


Rope : a Way to Inspire MotionYoroi-WS-3

The most basic techniques of Japanese rope are associated with the idea of the mental and physical management of the body in traditional Japanese arts & open up infinite possibilities for setting in body motion.

This workshop is a research space for bodies in motion, one body motion moving another body motion.

Physical connections established construct their own language, like a dance, sometimes erotic, otherwise sensual, leading novices to new ways of reading their own bodies and other bodies, allowing sensations and emotions to deepen.

Here the rope is the medium, determining this absolutely sensitive dialogue...






Photo:  © Nicolas Yoroï