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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Her Workshop:

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FloZif is well-known in the queer scene. She organizes the PlayNight, a decadent & BDSM

Party for 'GrrrlZ and trans', as well as arty and underground cultural events. She also takes part in PostP* movies and performances.

She was the Head Programmer of  the Paris gay lesbian Trans* film festival and now she organizes a P* Queer ciné-club.

She is also a filmmaker, among her works: the feature documentary Amazones 2000 and the short films Riot GrrrlZ, XXBoys, « A good F* ».

Her work is about alternative body issues, gender and sexualities.





FloZif-WS3Animated by Billy Toon (Drag King PlayNight) and Kay Garnellen (Trans FtM, performer)

Who has never dreamt of becoming the ideal "Boy", the object of desire, the sexual object of someone?
Who has never dreamt of having a "Boy" - female gender but converted as a masculine character - for an unleashed gender role play?

This workshop is for people who want to experience cross-dressing and gender mixes. It's based on the performance basics and on the body's place in BDSM role play.

Female gendered participants will be transformed into "ToyBoys" and become the object of fantasy of those who want to play with them. In these role and transition plays, the "ToyBoy" will become the servant of the participants in a duo, trio game, or more if desired.

This is not only about dressing up but one has also to find a masculine character that they identify with, and to experiment a physical transformation from female gender to male gender: in a uniform, in a suit, in a sailor outfit, doing the bad guy,.. one will have to tackle the walk, a style, an attitude... while deconstructing the physical language and the binary codes.

The workshop is there for you to explore the hidden "Boy" in you. It's gonna be used as a space for creating role plays, submissions, dominations, around this living toy, this "BoyToy" ready to serve, to show how to suck a dildo or to suck it, to lay at one's feet, to get orders or to give orders... according to the participants' desires.

Photo: © Amaury Grisel

FloZif-WS1Structure of the workshop:

It's gonna be in 2 parts:
-The transformation into "ToyBoy" (only female gendered people can become a "ToyBoy")
-The domination/submission role plays

-In the first part, participants are gonna turned into "ToyBoy" as they like: outfits // hair, hats,.. // Walk, attitude, beard and moustache // Binding with bandages that "hide" the breasts to get a flat chest // Packing or harness, dildo // others…

People who wanna become a "ToyBoy" are asked to bring outfits (uniform, suit, harness, sailor outfit, boots, tank top, military, fireman outfit, underwear,...) for their character.

-In the second part the "ToyBoys" are gonna be "chosen" by the participants who didn't transform and they are gonna become - with mutual consent - an object for playing, submission, fantasy.

Please also bring whip, collar, leach, dildo, harness, ropes, wax, etc...

This workshop is for people who consider sexualities as non gendered and non binary, in a genderqueer and pansexual mindset. For the workshop to go well and everyone's respect: no heteronormativity! Thanks for your comprehension

Photo: © floZif