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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Christian G


His Workshop:

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  Coordinator: Mixed-Training and Men Only, Sacred and Creative Sexuality;
  Private Coach: Individuals and Couples
  Certified Tantra Masseur: The Diamond Lotus, Berlin
  Dungeon Trainer
  Languages: French, English, Spanish
  Statistics: French, Married, 2 Children, Pan-sexual
Christian G. founded the Riviera Lust Institute in 2012 after 20 years of personal sexual development, group psychology, relationship management and coaching. Christian successfully evolved his creativity in the music industry and architecture field, prior to expanding upon his passion for psychology and sexuality. For several years, Christian has traveled around the world to learn from the Masters and professors, from Margot Anand to Mantak Chia, teachers of the fundamentals of Sacred Sexuality and Joseph Kramer, creator of The Body Electric. In his studies he received the Tantra Masseur certification from The Diamond Lotus in Berlin and is continuing his training as a Sexological Bodyworker. In his efforts to expand Creative Sexuality, Christian has worked closely with Felix Ruckert, founder of schwelle 7 in Berlin, finding common ways to access the ecstatic states between pleasure and pain.




The Meditative Anal Orgasm

This workshop distills the main tantric practices and an approach to “Creative Sexualities” with anal stretching, or for the more experienced, fisting...

The intention is to explore without exceeding your own limits. It is a paired exercise with a “Traveler” who walks into ecstasy and a “Connector” who holds open the door to another dimension of consciousness, the witness.
The practice is naked, taking care before hand with an intimate shower. Necessary accessories will be provided, you just need to bring a sarong and/or towel.

An attitude of openness and acceptance, self-responsibility and a non-judgmental attitude towards others is required. Rest and relaxation are the paradigms for making this wonderful trip.

Firstly, we awaken and activate our primal energy with Tantric breathing, practicing some relaxation exercises and stretching. Thus begins the awakening of the Kundalini. Then the "Connection" is established and will be maintained throughout the duration of the meditation. Connection may be more or less wide and / or deep, depending on the capabilities of the “Traveler”…

Meditation begins by changing the energy through each chakra, guided with musical support tailored to each chakra. Throughout his meditative exploration the “Traveler” is connected through his first chakra.

After reaching the crown chakra, on the top of the head, which connects us to one another by the "Cosmic Web", all the elements are in place for the electric arc. The “Interior Axis” is established between the connection of the first chakra (root) that connects us to the Earth and our ancestors and the last chakra (crown) that connects us to the Cosmos and the Universe.

Here begins the second phase of the journey, the Vital Fire Canalization. Like absorption by a black hole, we capture the “Cosmic Energy”, and aspire to reach the Earth by irradiating each of the chakras that we have previously opened ...

By a slow rise orgasmic we circulate this energy in the manner of Taoist Masters, through the "Microscopic Orbit"... Paroxysm in this state beyond orgasm releases the emotions from gravitation, in a form of super consciousness...

A slow return to the Here and Now, brings you back to your usual physicality ...

Gradually, thanks to these energy corridors, areas of the brain generally inactive recover, new neuronal pathways awaken.