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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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His Workshop:

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Victor Marzouk, Victor Lemaure, Victor Le noir, Victor Trésor  is a drag king performer of French-arabic origins. His work centres around gender construction and brings the viewer to face its own paradoxes within the processes of trial and errors exploring the rituals of femininity and masculinity

He has performed on queer stages in Bourges (France), Paris, New York, Barcelona and Madrid with renowned performers like Antonia Baehr, Diane Torr and Oreet Ashery.

He is also videographer and drag king workshop leader sicne 2001. He cooperates within the drag king culture with love and poetry.




Drag King

This workshop explores through collective practice (feminist and queer) the performative construction of masculinity, it’s body and it’s social privileges, as well as its available resources for political action. Masculinity is approached as a performative learning process, as choreography or as “practice of improvisation within a scene of constraint” (Butler).

Participants learn to perform “the masculinity” and experiment the differential use of the body and diffe- rential access to public space and speech.

The main objectives of this exercise are:

    • First of all to manifest the “constructedness” of Gender.
    • Second, to produce a new form of action and political visibility for women that moves away from “essential feminism” through the subversive recitation of clear cultural codes of masculinity.
    • Third, the Drag King workshop is a collective empowerment space and a source of political joy. It is, to borrow an expression from Félix Guattari, an exercise in «cellular micropolitic” trying to collectively fit gender performance techniques into corporal memory