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French Touch


On air in August

on Thursday 29 at midnight "Your wishes are my nights" on France Inter and on Wednesday, September 4

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Gaël L.


His Workshop:

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Gaël L. runs his (re)search through the territories of intimacy, sexuality and madness, and from pleasure to pain.

All his projects use photography, video, performance, keeping in mind its core element: the body.

Between body art (In proxima altera on 2009 - presented again at the Borderline Biennale, 2011) and black poetry (Nécrophile, 2011), he uses for his creations those primary elements (sex, blood, death) in order to build strong and heavy images, and to directly address the deepest layers of our mind and body



Rituel III / Protection

gael-WSRitual III is both a minimalist and powerful performance, the protocol of which investigates intimacy and the magic thought.

Here, narcissistic wounds and negative thought are expressed on the skin. In the course of the performance, every area of the body is covered by these thoughts. Facing this experience and strength one cannot control, the performer goes through opposite states of mind during the show.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to experience this protocol and journey. Working in pairs (or 3 or more if you wish), one of you will have a pen (in gouache), the other one will be blindfolded.

The purpose is to visualise the negative  thoughts of your partner and to write them on his/her body - undressing him/her progressively in order to reach and cover the entire body and skin.

Your partner will concentrate on his/her feelings, on the caress of the pen, on all sensations & emotions that come up.

The partner wil not be able to resist or control the writing on her/his body, but is permitted to play with her/his hair, bite nails, etc, symbolic acts of self-protection.

The feeling of weakness, powerlessness, and even self-depreciation may actually be enjoyable.

You will experience one moment of sensational focus. This artistic performance will only stop when the entire body of your partner is completely covered.


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